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  • Boosting immunity

    20th March 2020

    Promoting healthy homemade juices to boost your immunity… Always gorgeous to watch Holly…. the juice we made was medium in her mind! But just to clarify she has actually just drunk it all. Woo hoo. So definitely recommend homemade juices to get the extra fruit and vegetables into our kiddies- boost immunity at this time. continue reading

  • Juicing for keeping your immune system high…

    18th March 2020

    Top tip I forgot to mention – make lots of batches up and freeze it! Over the forthcoming days and weeks with more difficulties managing to get fresh fruit and veggies I recommend that once you have your fresh fruit and veggies you juice up and freeze some of your liquid gold. Then take it continue reading

  • You can stay strong

    Morning my lovelies, How are you? Just a message ( once again) to say it’s time to really work on your wellbeing. Mentally and physically work on yourself at this challenging time to improve your immune system and emotional wellbeing. This means upping your fluids massively, juicing and eating healthily for an abundance of minerals, continue reading

  • Ginger shots

      ANTIBACTERIAL ✅ ANTIHISTAMINE ✅ ANTI FUNGAL ✅ ANT INFLAMMATORY ✅ ANTIBIOTIC ✅   What are we talking about? ……..GINGER OF COURSE!   In these uncertain times, the importance of making sure we’re doing everything we can to flood our bodies with good nutrition and boost our immune systems, has never been more prominent. But continue reading

  • Keeping your immune system high

    16th March 2020

    It is so important that at this time, that we all keep our immune systems up high to be able to fight the Coronavirus. This video has 5 top tips on how to keep you healthier, fitter and stronger both physically and emotionally. These top tips include.. 1. Drink 2-3 litres of water minimum a continue reading


    15th March 2020

    Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live…❤️ This means you really must be careful with what what you put into your body and mind, especially at this time… I know I messaged you about this yesterday but repetition is the mother skill. Repetition is key at the moment… So continue reading


    14th March 2020

    My top tips for staying healthy and best practices.. I know the message is long but please read all of this….❤️ Good morning my lovely ones.. I have been holding off on messages on the Coronavirus but it’s something we are sadly all having to live through on a daily basis.. People are of course continue reading


    12th March 2020

    Are you trying to drive through fog…? Driving in fog is hard work. You have to concentrate more, it uses more energy, it’s more dangerous, you have to drive slower, you’re more likely to have an accident, it’s easier to get lost. Life’s the same. Clear the fog and get super clear on what it continue reading

  • How to keep going when the tough gets going

    5th March 2020

    Being raw and real. A short off the cuff video explaining how we can all make ourselves feel a little better by following my top tips. We all go through tough and difficult times and so many of us struggle with how we are going to get through some of these things, but believe me continue reading

  • Intermittent fasting

    4th March 2020

    How to Lose Weight Fast and Improve your health! If you need to shed those excess pounds effortlessly, the Salk Institute may have the answer. Researchers worked with a group of volunteers who had various health conditions like being overweight, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome, (a precursor of type 2 diabetes). They made the continue reading

  • Its up to you

    3rd March 2020

    Once you are an adult, no one is coming to push you. No one is coming to tell you to turn the TV off. No one is coming to tell you to get out the door and go for a run or start eating healthier. Nobody is going to come tell you to apply for continue reading


    27th February 2020

    What’s your daily mantra to keep you strong, inspired, on track and feeling amazing? And if you haven’t got one… what do you need to start saying to yourself on a daily basis to help you stay inspired and strong and focused? I have a few that I alternate but my fav 4 are I continue reading

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