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  • Testimonial

    22nd August 2023

    A few months ago I weighed the heaviest I ever have: 13 stone, and felt stressed and uncomfortable with a very bad work life balance. I found Davinia’s website by lucky chance and decided to commit to two sessions a week which had the added advantage of curtailing two late nights at the office. Davinia continue reading

  • Is it time to move more?

    28th April 2023

    One of the most important things our bodies are designed to do is to move. So ask yourself now, are you moving enough to improve your health, fitness, energy levels, body shape and well-being? Unfortunately, as we get older, many of us become so sedentary that we effectively box ourselves in. We live in a continue reading

  • 3 Wishes

    21st April 2023

    This week has been a fabulous week as my husband Neil is really coming a long fabulously with his recovery since having his heart attack back in Jan and he has even started to go back to work for a few hours a day too, yay super fab news. A couple of weeks ago Neil continue reading

  • Don’t kill me with your words please!

    15th April 2023

    So, if you know me well, you will know I am a massive fan of affirmations and speaking positively to ourselves, because our words do really create our reality –honestly they do! And so, this week I want to talk about the power of speaking positively to yourself as this can be a life changer continue reading

  • Adopting healthier habits

    27th January 2023

    How to adopt a healthy habit and keep it. Hey lovely how are you? i hope you are fab and well and having a super fab week. This week has been so amazing as we have my lovely hubby back with us. Yay.. He returned back from Australia on Monday, having been out there for continue reading

  • Meal prepping

    26th November 2022

    Meal prepping – yay or nay? Something that I talk about time and time again when I start out with new clients who are busy and struggling to fit things in to their lives is about meal prepping and planning for the week. So, if you are struggling with a busy schedule but you want continue reading

  • Are you healthy enough?

    23rd November 2022

    People often think that they’re healthy because they aren’t sick. But the truth is, health isn’t the absence of sickness and disease. Health and wellbeing are about looking after yourself on a daily basis to feel and look fab. Today I’m going to share with you how you know if you’re potentially not quite as continue reading

  • Be your own best friend

    16th November 2022

    This week I’ve been talking quite a bit with some of my coaching clients about how to become your very own best friend. The truth is, so many of us aren’t nice enough to ourselves and look for validation and love from others and not from ourselves. Today I want to touch on learning how continue reading

  • Habits

    9th November 2022

    What habits are serving you? What habits do you want to create in your life? What habits are destroying your health and energy levels? Have a real long think about these questions above… Great health and wellbeing are formed by having healthy, happy, positive habits. When you’re healthy, fit and well you automatically enjoy your continue reading

  • Some of fav affirmations

    5th November 2022

    A few of my fav daily affirmations… ·         I am enough ·         I am strong enough ·         I am good enough ·         I am stronger every day ·         I am happier every day ·         I am fitter every day ·         Every day I know that my body and mind are capable of great things ·         continue reading

  • 10 changes to help you improve your body, health and mindset

    2nd November 2022

    1.    Drink more water to fill you up and give you more energy. 2.    Pack your lunch the night before, so you’re ready for the day ahead. 3.    Fill a water bottle or two upon waking so it’s ready to drink. 4.    Meal prep and plan food for the week ahead. 5.    Track your exercise continue reading

  • Testimonial

    15th June 2022

    A massive thank you to you Davinia for the last 12 weeks! You are truly fabulous! Before I came to see you I was feeling overwhelmed with how to make changes to make me feel better about myself on the outside and inside! You have been an amazing support and coach to help me work continue reading

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