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  • Questions

    3rd September 2020

    Morning gorgeous how are you? So let’s talk about questions… What Questions do you ask yourself on a daily basis? Do you ask yourself empowering questions to get You into the right motivational state or do you ask questions which aren’t pushing you forwards and are in fact bringing you down. The quality of your continue reading

  • What would you tell your younger self?

    2nd September 2020

    Just had a picture of me on my 21st birthday sent over to me by my sister. Wow so funny… It made me think- What would you tell your younger self? I would say the following… – Be healthy and look after your body and mind well.💙 – Be kind but not weak💚 – Be continue reading

  • What matters

    1st September 2020

    5 Things We Often Forget That Truly Matter Having fun/laughing 🤣 Kindness ❤️ Celebrating small wins 🥳 Friendships and relationships 🤗 Health and wellbeing 🥊🤸‍♀️🏋🏻‍♂️🏃‍♀️🍏🍒🥒 Recognize & embrace them. And let them take you to a life that is deeply rewarding, meaningful, happy and healthy ❤️

  • Top tip

    26th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous how are you? Here is my top tip for today. Focus on winning and improving yourself and don’t focus on what others are doing. Don’t compare yourself to others, there is no sense in this as it’s either going to make you feel crap If you deem that person better than you or continue reading

  • Daily habits

    24th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous how are you? Ok so here’s my thought of the day and something I’m working on massively to Enable me to reach my goals personally and professionally … and that is this…. You must take Daily consistent action. Daily action is key to your results. Daily action will get you to where you continue reading

  • Have a sat nav in life

    16th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous, how are you? Ok something for us to all think about now….. You wouldn’t get in your car, turn on your ignition, start driving and decide where to go. So please don’t do this in your life too.. Identity your ultimate goals and work towards them. You can do it. 👊❤️ Ps what continue reading

  • Mindset, belief and attitude

    13th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous, how are you? Did you know -Your entire life can really change in six months … you need to love yourself enough to know you deserve more, be brave enough to demand more, and be disciplined enough to work for more… And all this is achievable by working on your mindset, beliefs and continue reading

  • It is possible

    Remember there is always somebody who had a lot less than you currently have today and went on to achieve a lot more than you have today. 👊❤️ Forget fears, doubts and excuses. Whatever it is, It’s possible ❤️ You can do it ❤️ Have a fab day gorgeous xxx

  • Survive or thrive?

    12th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous how are you? I was listening to my fav coach ever the other day -Tony Robbins on his awesome podcast and he was talking about business and whether you are just surviving or thriving in this tough Covid 19 world… and those two words really resonated with me. I think first I liked continue reading

  • Do you shy away from photos being taken of you?

    11th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous how are you? This is a long story but it’s meaningful so please read it. Do you shy away from photos with your children? Or photos with friends or your partner or family because you don’t feel happy or confident with the way your body looks and feels? I have worked with many continue reading

  • Don’t be stuck like a scarecrow

    10th August 2020

    Morning gorgeous, How are you? Just a little reminder for you on this wonderful Wednesday to remember to start working towards your goals and dreams on a daily basis, even if it’s baby steps. This is an absolute must if you want to live and lead a happier, healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled life.👊❤️ Yay. continue reading

  • Daily habits

    1st August 2020

    Your daily habits determine your results👊❤️💪. There are “no quick wins” And No “overnight success” You must work daily on your mindset, attitude and beliefs and every day work towards your dreams and goals.🤩 What daily habits do you currently have? And are you happy with the results that are showing up in your life? continue reading

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