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A few months ago I weighed the heaviest I ever have: 13 stone, and felt stressed and uncomfortable with a very bad work life balance.

I found Davinia’s website by lucky chance and decided to commit to two sessions a week which had the added advantage of curtailing two late nights at the office.

Davinia right from the beginning helped me to a new and helpful perspective on food and eating. She steered me towards understanding the myriad reasons I was overeating, how to examine what you eat without becoming too obsessive and how to eat with enjoyment and for health. And the exercise with Davinia was fun, tough and felt hugely beneficial – the feeling of satisfaction and relaxation after a session was amazing.

I am now feeling healthier than I have felt for a long time, my clothes are loose and comfortable and I weigh 11 stone 6. I look forward to my sessions with Davinia but not just because of the results but it’s also an opportunity to absorb some of her positive energy and outlook and forge ahead to ensuring I can be active and fit past retirement. Thanks D!

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