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This is a short video from one of my gorgeous clients, who is sharing her journey of health, wellbeing and Weightloss since she has started working with me.

Nicola has not only lost 1 1/2 stone in the last 9 weeks with me but she’s also massively improved her health, wellbeing and mindset. Nicola’s body confidence and self esteem has massively improved too.

With all the fabulous new healthy living she has implemented, she has also improved her family’s wellbeing massively too. Well done Nicola. You are a true inspiration.

My super star

This beautiful video brought tears to my eyes as I know just how much my beautiful client and friend has improved physically, mentally and emotionally in the last 18 months through exercise, healthy eating and juicing ❤️.

I’m so SO proud of you Monideepa.
I can’t even describe the pride And happiness I feel. Well done angel and thank you for taking the time to do this testimonial about your time working with me so far. You are such a pleasure to train and coach.

testimonial photo

When I started working with Davinia, I hated what I saw in the mirror and photos and dressed to hide my figure. I knew I needed to loose weight and improve my fitness but didnt know where to start. I needed someone to help guide me on making changes that worked with my lifestyle and hold me accountable.

In the 12weeks I have been working with Davinia I have lost 7kgs, I feel much more confident in my appearance, I actually enjoy trying on new outfits and have the tools that work for me to continue my health journey.

It really is the best investment you can make for you and your family, giving you the kick start you need for a healthier & happier future.



I had my first phone call with Davinia on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t want it to be just another New Year’s Resolution and I knew I had a great goal with my wedding being 7 weeks away at the time. I instantly clicked with her bright energy and her approach to health and fitness was unlike anything I’d known before.

When I started working with Davinia I was really unhappy in my body. I had no confidence because I had spent decades telling myself I had to cut out meals and use exercise as a punishment. One of the first things I told Davinia was about how much I hated the gym. I felt unfit and unmotivated and the idea of having to push my body was so unappealing. I told her I was happy to do any extreme diet to get into shape but not to do exercise.

That first session, I remember thinking I’d never make it through 12 weeks but on the other hand I had this idea of how I needed to look for my wedding. I was so surprised to hear Davinia tell me I needed to eat more, and as the weeks passed I was turning up to each session full of energy and was so surprised to see inches falling away and weight going down despite the fact I felt like I was eating more than ever.

My wedding planning was extremely stressful and Davinia’s support as a life coach became invaluable. Session after session, we worked on my confidence and happiness in all areas of my life. The endorphins, stress relief and balance I got from her fun and creative workouts became essential for my day to day well-being, and I am now so proud of the way I have made exercise part of my every day life now.

By my wedding day, I was over a dress size smaller, had lost so many inches and pounds but my mindset and confidence was the biggest transformation. I have truly never felt better and it is all because of Davinia’s support each day.

Davinia helped me make myself and my health a priority in my own life. Working with her was the single best investment I’ve ever made in myself and I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough.

Whatever your goals are, she will get you there and you’ll be amazed at the changes you make along the way.


When I started working with Davinia, I hated what I saw in the mirror and photos and dressed to hide my figure. I knew I needed to loose weight and improve my fitness but didnt know where to start. I needed someone to help guide me on making changes that worked with my lifestyle and hold me accountable. In the 12weeks I have been working with Davinia I have lost 7kgs, I feel much more confident in my appearance, I actually enjoy trying on new outfits and have the tools that work for me to continue my health journey. It really is the best investment you can make for you and your family, giving you the kick start you need for a healthier & happier future

Sarah T.

A few months ago I weighed the heaviest I ever have: 13 stone, and felt stressed and uncomfortable with a very bad work life balance. I found Davinia’s website by lucky chance and decided to commit to two sessions a week which had the added advantage of curtailing two late nights at the office. Davinia right from the beginning helped me to a new and helpful perspective on food and eating. She steered me towards understanding the myriad reasons I was overeating, how to examine what you eat without becoming too obsessive and how to eat with enjoyment and for health. And the exercise with Davinia was fun, tough and felt hugely beneficial - the feeling of satisfaction and relaxation after a session was amazing. I am now feeling healthier than I have felt for a long time, my clothes are loose and comfortable and I weigh 11 stone 6. I look forward to my sessions with Davinia but not just because of the results but it’s also an opportunity to absorb some of her positive energy and outlook and forge ahead to ensuring I can be active and fit past retirement. Thanks D!

Sue - Watford

If you think you can do it alone & you can’t, this works! 2nd time back, 9 years apart & I’m fitter, leaner & mentally in such a good place because of this amazing woman. Davina has boundless energy that makes you want to succeed.

Tracy W.

A massive thank you to you Davinia for the last 12 weeks! You are truly fabulous! Before I came to see you I was feeling overwhelmed with how to make changes to make me feel better about myself on the outside and inside! You have been an amazing support and coach to help me work towards my goals and achieving this. Not only losing weight and inches but also to feel mentally stronger and learn to love myself a bit more. You are so full of energy and positivity, it has really given me an energy and focus to achieve my goals. I love our weekly sessions both for the training and the chats 😃 your messages throughout the week and affirmations are also excellent to keep me on track and focused on myself and those goals. You are always so honest and give great advice I trust. I would absolutely 100000% highly recommend you to anybody looking to make the changes in their body and mindset. Like I was recommended to you the same! I can’t wait to carry on the rest of the weeks seeing you, the best mentor and coach a girl could ask for. Thanks for everything. Loads of love and kisses xxxx

L. Larkin

Just had my last session with Davinia today! This has been the most life changing experience I’ve ever had to improve my health for the better. Not only have I lost an amazing amount of weight but I have learnt the skills to keep It up outside of my sessions and feel completely prepared to continue my journey to my goal! I now have the passion for fitness after years of dreading the thought of working out or even eating a salad! Davinia you truly have been incredible, thank you so much 🥰 xx


Where do I even begin, working with Davinia has been amazing and has been the greatest start to 2022! During the pandemic I managed to get into intermittent fasting and go for walks during the day. But I started a new job which turns out was very emotionally and mentally draining. I lost sight of everything- i no longer found time for myself, i lost focus on what i worked towards during the pandemic and I had no accountability so didn't stick to anything When i reached out to Davinia within the first minute I knew she was the right person who was going to help me change for the better. We spoke about where I was at in my journey, what I've tried, what i wanted to work towards. She knew what questions to ask and very quickly figured out what techniques would work best to support me. We worked on work- life balance and the simple but effective changes i could make to my routine. Every morning without fail there was a positive affirmation and a message asking what my wins were for the previous day. Davinia celebrates your wins as if they're her own... she's the best kind of cheer leader ❤️❤️ Since working with Davinia I've managed to work on my self-discipline, break down goals into manageable chunks, in a space of a month i feel lighter, healthier, happier. I can't thank you enough and I'm so excited for our next session ❤️❤️❤️

For years I have struggled with my weight with yo-yo dieting (atkins, low carb, intermittent fasting, weight watchers, slimming world etc) and trying out every latest gym/fitness fad or app. I would be super regimented and focused for a few days then I would get frustrated, annoyed or disheartened and then rebel and eat 'naughty' things and give up on exercise. When work was frustrating I would also comfort eat crisps (family size packs!) and could easily polish off a bottle of wine as a 'treat' to myself to forget the stresses of the day. All this was made worse when a) I broke my ankle and then b) ate and drank a lot to make lockdown more interesting and with minimal exercise. I gained a stone in weight with each of those events. As we approached the easing of lockdown restrictions and a summer to be able to go out and see people, get out of my leggings and trackie bottoms and get dressed up nice again, I was suddenly anxious about my 2 stone weight gain (on top of a weight I wasn't happy with), wearing nice clothes that now didn't fit and seeing people again. I was worried about what they would think/say when they saw me and the weight I had gained. Back in March I did a virtual juice retreat which was great as it was a quick health boost. It was a week of no work, lots of yoga and fitness zoom classes and lots of time for reflection. I learnt to love juicing and the energy and good health feeling it gave me and I did lose some weight. But after that week ended and I was back to my daily routine, I was starting to get back into my old habits and the weight I had lost was starting to creep back on. I realised I needed to change my mindset. I KNEW everything I needed to do I just couldn't find the right attitude in my head to stick to it for longer than a few days. I found Davinia's number online and saved it for a few days procrastinating about calling her - worrying that it would just be another thing that I would start and give up on. One Saturday morning I was feeling fed up and frustrated with myself and I spontaneously and nervously called her. We talked for almost an hour but it flew by! I felt like I was chatting to an old friend about my frustrations with myself and my behaviours. She seemed to know me and my behaviours and suggested why I might be sabotaging myself and what emotions were possibly going on under the surface that led to the bad habits. I came off the phone buzzing and motivated and ready to get the mindset and healthy body and attitude that I deserved. We had a coaching session to get started where we talked about my usual routine and meals, my likes and dislikes, and she made suggestions as to how I could tweak things. There were no foods completely off the menu and no crazy unrealistic fitness plan. Then we got started with the twice weekly PT sessions and daily check-ins for me to report back my activity and food diary. The PT sessions are fantastic. There is a mixture of different activities and with Davinia's motivation and amazing fun attitude it is never boring. I thought I would always dread a PT session but with Davinia I look forward to it and it flies by! We talk as we train - the life coaching she does as part of this is amazing. She got to know my trigger points and what causes me to comfort eat or drink a bottle of wine. And she gently guides me through all this and how to adjust behaviours and attitudes and routines to deal with these things. I juice a lot more and generally want to put more healthy nutritious foods in my body. I no longer see crisps and junk food as a treat. It is a treat to be kind to myself and give my body the love and goodness it deserves. I'm far from perfect!!! I still love my wine and cheese and these are my yummy treats. The difference is now I savour them and as a result I'm not binge consuming them and having too much and feeling bad about it which can trigger bad behaviours and cycles of bad food and then regret. When I have these treats I know I can be honest to Davinia about them - she is not judgemental in the slightest. I don't need to hide anything. She somehow recognises (way before I realise) if there is any evidence of bad habits setting in or it looks like I might be going a little astray and then she gently guides me to get back on track. I now don't see exercise as a chore. It's just a daily thing I do like brushing my teeth. It doesn't have to be a hideous gruelling gym workout. Davinia has suggested small changes to incorporate more movement on a daily basis. On work calls when I don't have to be at a screen I walk up and down the garden or the neighbouring farm track so I get in steps without realising. These small changes all add up. I have lost over a stone with her and many inches from all over my body. My body shape has changed. But aside from that I am more confident. I now look forward to getting dressed up and seeing people and experiencing new and fun things. I don't try and hide in the background feeling envious about those people that are living life to the full. I am now that person. I am learning more about getting off the treadmill of life and grabbing every opportunity. I find myself drawn more to positive and energising people and experiences and doing things that make me the person I deserve to be. I honestly don't think I could have done this without Davinia. She is an incredible PT, life coach, motivator and nutrition adviser. But she has become so much more than that to me. She is my biggest cheerleader and now one of my bestest friends. I am grateful every day to have met her. If you're stuck in a rut, lacking faith that you can turn things around or you don't feel like you're living the life you want to then I encourage you to just give her a call and chat about it. I cannot recommend her enough. Everyone needs a Davinia in their life!!!!

Kate Perry

I have been training with Davinia since September 2020 and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I was younger, I had always felt ‘chubby’ and my weight did yo-yo, but I also did a lot of exercise (dance classes and rugby) so it was easy to drop half a stone here or there if I wanted. Looking back, I now realise I was never fat. I was probably a size 12 but my best friends were natural size 8s, so I was always comparing myself to them. When I started with Davinia I wasn’t in a good place mentally, physically or emotionally. I had put on weight slowly and steadily since having my daughter and son and then piled on a lot more during the first national lockdown. My little family and I had been through some very tough times and I had fallen into the habit of comforting myself with chocolate and wine most evenings. Size 18 clothes were now a good fit and it took me forever to find something I felt ok wearing. I didn’t feel good about my appearance, I constantly worried about what people were thinking of me and I shied away from social situations. Bumping into an old friend was my idea of a nightmare. I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that I would always be large. I looked at larger women on social media and thought to myself, “they are happy being that size, so I should be happy too”. I dreaded things like family gatherings with people I hadn’t seen for a while because I knew they would notice my weight. BUT after constantly joking and laughing off conversations that ever brought up health and weight, I decided that eventually enough was enough and I knew I had to do something as I was becoming more and more unhappy. So, I took the plunge and booked to start a weight loss package with Davinia after she was recommended to me by a friend. I remember our first conversation on the phone. I was nervous and had a lot of self-doubt about whether I could get any weight off, but I remember when I got off the phone saying to my husband “it’s like we’ve known each other for ages”. She made me feel so comfortable and I genuinely looked forward to our first meeting even though I felt apprehensive and nervous too. That first meeting was emotional! We talked a lot about my goals and my thoughts and beliefs about myself. I cried. But Davinia made me feel like it was ok. I had started my journey by just being there and for that day, that was enough. She spent a long time over our first few weeks and months really getting to know me and what my motivations were. She encouraged me to challenge the negative thoughts that whirled around my head and she helped me set some achievable goals. I have to admit that during those first few weeks I did think “this isn’t going to work”, “how am I going to maintain this long term”, and I don’t mind admitting now that I thought things like juicing and daily mantras were comical and I joked about how I was meant to do them both daily. But I am so thankful that something in my mind made me just do it. I did everything Davinia said. Even things that I thought would make no difference, I just thought to myself that I had nothing to lose. She was the expert so why wouldn’t I just listen and do what she said? Week after week I grew to look forward to our sessions even more. My weight started to come off steadily and it was such a boost to see all of my body measurements and fat percentages decrease. We did a mixture of work outs in her gym and power walks and runs around the countryside where she lives. No session was the same and each hour whizzed by quickly. Don’t get me wrong - the sessions were hard - but fun! Davinia taught me about juicing and so I started juicing every day to fill my body with the vitamins and goodness it needed. Like lots of mothers, my children are my life. I always tried to feed them healthy food but as I wasn’t eating that healthily they weren’t seeing what it’s like to be an adult and live a healthy lifestyle. They were intrigued by all the concoctions I was making and wanted to try juices too. They now also have homemade juice every day and will tell anyone who will listen about how it’s important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Not all flavours are a success, but they try it and that’s what’s important. I have always loved cooking and baking but would usually make cakes and unhealthy foods that would comfort in a quick fix kind of way. Since Davinia taught me more about healthy eating and juicing I have started getting a delivery of fresh veggies every week. I still love cooking but now love filling our meals with as many veggies as possible. My children no longer see things like roasted celeriac or edamame beans on the table and ask what they are. Again, they don’t always like everything, but they try everything, and they now see me and my husband leading a healthy lifestyle and know what it means to be healthy inside out. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is watching my children willingly eat in a way that I know will set them up for a healthy life. I used to believe there wasn’t enough time for exercise. And because I believed that - there wasn’t! But Davinia has taught me so much about goal setting, positive affirmations and determination that now there is plenty of time, because we make time. My husband and I now know how important exercise has become to each of us for our physical health and just as importantly our mental health. Now we fit it in and make it a priority, just like we would fit in doing washing or going to the supermarket. It has to happen for us both on a daily basis and it isn’t negotiable. Sometimes it might be just walking outside with our family but other days it will be allowing each other to take an hour or two out for a really long bike ride or run on our own. Davinia also taught me about accountability and how it can help you so much to stay on track. I set up an Instagram account and now post pictures of my foods and exercises whenever I feel the need. I don’t have many followers, but the account isn’t about that. It’s my place that gives me the accountability I need to stay on track. Davinia is the perfect mix of friendly, motivating, comforting, entertaining, understanding and supporting. She is able to switch instantly into whatever role I need - whether it’s to have fun and get through a tough session or to listen and support me if I am facing something difficult. Each week we talk about my goals, my feelings, anything that has been difficult or successful. Slowly and steadily my mental health has completely changed. I am still me, but it feels like Davinia has taken me apart and help build me back to the person I want to be. Now... what have I learnt and where am I now? Am I happy with what I see in the mirror? Yes! But even now saying that makes me feel like I am being big headed. I guess years of negative talk don’t disappear instantly, so I still have a way to go. I have lost a total of 2 stone 8lbs altogether. I have discovered a love of cycling and will be completing the London to Brighton bike ride in September. BUT the most important thing to me is what’s going on in my head. I have worked hard to no longer have lots of negative self-talk and I know I have the tools to be equipped to face difficult things. Life isn’t a breeze but it feels a lot ‘breezier’ when you feel positive about yourself and you know your body is fuelled with the right things. I now like clothes! It sounds silly but my wardrobe used to have 2/3 things in it that either fitted or I felt comfortable in. Now I like choosing colourful things and am excited to try different styles. I have learnt that treats are treats. I know that if I want to choose to have a healthy lifestyle then treats need to be treats and not make up the majority of my normal everyday foods. It can’t be both ways and that’s that. I love a chocolate bar or cake the same as most people, but I know if I have that there has to be some ‘payback’ and if I choose to eat a whole box of chocs like I did on Valentine’s Day this year, then I need to do an extra-long bike ride the next day. Simple. I also know that just because I am in a place where I want to be, it doesn’t mean I just abandon all my good habits and go back to my old ways. Every day I chose to be healthy and happy and that is a choice I WILL choose forever.


Having had personal training with Davina many years ago I reached out to her recently as I was feeling a bit ‘stuck’ but couldn’t quite identify why I was feeling this way. After a chat we agreed that coaching rather then training would suit my needs best. Through these coaching sessions Davina has has given me the tools to break down why I was feeling ‘stuck’ . In our coaching sessions she listens carefully and is always able to help me get to the root of what is holding me back and then provides the tools for me to identify what I want from my life (short and long term) and how to create realistic goals to get me there. New to the world of self discovery she has broken things down into manageable sizes and encouraged me to push my self bit by bit. I have discovered so much about myself and Davina has a way of seeing things in me that I hadn’t seen before. Davina as a person is extremely warm and caring and gives her support daily not just in her sessions.

Paula McDonnell

Before I started working with Davinia I felt very unmotivated and low in confidence. However, it didn’t take long for that to change once I started working with her! Personal training with Davinia is an amazing experience as you learn so so much from her. The support I got from her was amazing. There’s no way I would of reached my personal goal if it wasn’t for her! She showed me support every step of the way and kept me motivated the whole time. I loved how she pushed me out of my comfort zone to help me achieve my best not only physically but mentally too. Since working with Davinia I’m in a much better place as I’m more aware on how to eat more nutritious foods, I’ve learnt a lot more exercises and I feel a lot more confident not only in my appearance but also mentally stronger. As a result of training with Davinia I also feel a lot more motivated and have learned new skills and lessons with her that I can carry with me through life. An example is creating a vision board. This has not only had an impact on me but my whole family as they have joined in doing it with me, but personally I feel like this is an amazing thing to do as it keeps you motivated to reach your goals and gives you something to work towards (this is just one of many things that I have learned from her). For anyone thinking of working with Davinia I would say 1000% do it!!! Before I started training with her, I thought that it would take me weeks to achieve my personal goal however after just one session with her, that changed instantly! I felt so motivated to work even harder with her to reach my goal and achieved it in the shortest amount of time possible! I was so impressed that I could loose the weight that I wanted to in such a short amount of whilst still enjoying everting single minute of the exercise even though it wasn’t easy, it so worth it!!

Rachael Allen

Before starting with Davinia, I was unfit, overweight and stuck in a rut of feeling unable to exercise due to my weight and then putting on weigh because I wasn’t exercising. As a result, I had little motivation and low self-esteem. I wasn’t accountable to myself and was miserable. I knew I had to do something before my health was impacted long-term. I was recommended to Davinia through a friend who had changed her health and lifestyle with Davinia’s help. When I first met Davinia I knew I had made the right choice, her positivity and energy is infectious. She listened to me and how I live my life and what I wanted rather than what she thought I should be doing. She checks in with me and sends me motivation and when I’ve not been fully on track, she’s refocused me to looking forward on something I can change and not dwelling on the past as it’s all about balance and maintaining a lifestyle. I have lost over a stone and lots of inches – which are more important to me by making sensible choices and exercising and not feeling like I’ve given up everything I enjoy (I do love wine!) I exercise most days either running or HIIT which I never would have got to without Davinia’s support and focus. Most importantly I’m doing it for me not anyone else and I’m enjoying it. I loved buying size 12 dresses even if I didn’t go anywhere this Christmas! I was reluctant in committing to at PT, I don’t like the shouty type I’ve seen as they just make me want to run to the nearest cake shop and I didn’t want someone who was going to make me feel guilty for enjoying the things I like. Davinia has helped me change my mindset, whilst not making me feel guilty for having a wine at the weekend its all about balance and 80/20. Davinia has allowed me to get back to being me again. Although I’ve not seen many people due to the lockdown, friends I’ve spoken to and told them about my results have been inspired to make better choices and that makes me feel great too. If you’re considering using a coach personal trainer then my advice would be DO IT! The financial cost which is a consideration is definitely less than replacing my whole wardrobe of clothes that didn’t fit me (and do now!) I feel like I’ve found me again as well as lots of clothes in my wardrobe and I am no longer hiding behind excuses to get out there and do it. Thank you Davinia!

Emma Campbell

I didn’t know where I was before I met Davinia. I had no sense of direction, and I didn’t realise at the time how un-happy I really was. I had no confidence, motivation no care for my health and wellbeing my eating habits were out of control. I had just turned 20 and I knew something had to change. My issues with food, exercise, motivation and confidence I didn’t realise were stemmed from issues in the past. It wasn’t till I started my PT course and coaching that I truly understood this and put these problems to rest. Davinia coached me through difficult conversations I had with my family, and made me truly realise what I was worth. I now am changed for the better. Davinia taught me that by adopting and living a happy, positive, healthy lifestyle it truly can better your life. I have lost weight and gained confidence. My mindset is in a completely different place. I do have my down moments like everyone does, but Davinia is right there to help and keep me on track. Davinia has pointed me in a new direction of life and she has inspired me so much, I’ve even started to study to become a PT myself. If you're not sure whether you should start this journey if you're thinking it’s not the right time or am I ready for this. Stop, and just do it. If I knew that I was going to be where I am now at the beginning of this journey, I would have started much sooner, and that’s all down to Davinia. She is funny, kind, warm, generous I could go on and on. I have been able to open up to her about things I have never spoken about before she has helped me transform my body and mind, and for that I am forever thankful and grateful. Just do it start your new life now because trust me you won’t regret it !

Alex C

Before starting with Davinia, I was very unhappy with my body and my health. I was lacking energy and all of my clothes wouldn’t fit me, apart from leggings and baggy t-shirts. At that point I decided it was time to do something about it. The support that I have received has been simply amazing. Achievable goals were set and the exercise matched and changed where I was at with my body and health. Small steps, grew into big steps with plenty of support and encouragement from Davinia who has such a positive energy, which quickly rubbed off onto me. I am much happier with my body, health and wellbeing – I feel fitter and stronger and a lot more confident in myself. I started off hating the idea of running, but now do between 10km-15km a week, all of my own choice and never pushed by Davinia – there is no point doing a type of exercise, if you do not enjoy it as it isn’t sustainable. I now live with a balanced mind-set and do not deny myself a glass or two of bubbles or a chocolate bourbon biscuit…but I know that if I do, I need to offset it with exercise – a run or a long family walk. Davinia is simply amazing - she has supported me with changing my mind-set and my approach to food and exercise. I never feel pressured to do anything I do not want to do, but simply encouraged to make the right choices. She keeps me accountable to myself, but in her bubbly, kind and happy way. I definitely could not have achieved what I have achieved without her support and encouragement. It has been worth every penny and you simply cannot put a price on your health.

Charlotte Gomez

Finally I have started juicing and I am amazed at how much more energy I have. It’s incredible. I know you said that would happen. But still. Also thank you for our coaching sessions recently. My confidence and self esteem have been very low and I have felt very unhappy in my job and in myself. But you have given me the skills to believe in myself again and I feel so much better. I also have set myself on the path to retrain for a new career as we talked about and I’m now also changing my diet around too so I have more energy. I’m feeling extremely positive about things now. Thank you. Can’t wait for our next session in December.


Thank you Davinia for helping me turn so much around in the last 5 months. I can’t believe I have lost 3 stone already. And I have also got my blood results back and they are not pre diabetic any more. I am so pleased that I signed up to coaching and personal training with you. Next year I want to focus on improving my self confidence and also tone up my body so that I can finally wear a swimsuit. I know with your help and support I will get there. You have been a life line for me. Thank you

Sam K.

Hi Davinia I have dropped 6kg in the last 10 weeks with you and i feel better than ever. You have inspired me to live healthy and this is the result of the juicing, eating mainly plant based foods and the exercise. I feel like a new person and I am motivated and happy again. Thanks Davinia

Elaine - Rickmansworth

This is a testimonial for the super lady Davinia. When I say super, I mean Super. Davinia is the first trainer that has ever understood my needs and gets me. She has helped me stop my awful food habits and I feel in control. I haven’t been like this since I was a little girl. I can say no to sugar and fattening food now even when it’s sitting in front of me. This is a huge thing. I have lost 3 stones in the last year and I will now lose my last 2 stones this year with the healthy eating regime and exercise plan Davinia has created for me. I thoroughly recommend Davinia. She’s a huge inspiration and so supportive and a lovely lady.    

Misha - Rickmansworth 

From a younge age I’ve always been overweight, unhealthy and totally unaware of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I had tried so many diets but none of them seemed to work for me long term for one reason or another and I felt hopeless that I’d ever be able to shift the weight. This is when I decided to take the leap back in September and contact Davinia after I had come across her website. I can honestly say I have absolutely no regrets, from the moment I met her she proved she was passionate and experienced. We sat down and discussed my lifestyle to pin point where my challenges were, then created a realistic food plan/exercise regime for me to follow. She filled with me determination and hope that this time, I could do it, there was not an if. I train with her twice and week and each session is a mix of exercises such as boxing, weights, floor workouts, running etc. Davinia has such an upbeat energy that keeps me motivated through every session and pushes me to work harder - I now love and crave the exercise. Week after week my weight and measurements are decreasing which is very exciting and proof that this lifestyle change is working. Within the last 4 months I’ve lost 3 stone! Still have a long way to go but I’m confident with her help and guidance that I will reach my goals.  Another brilliant tool I have learnt with Davinia is juicing. They have incredible health benefits and the brilliant part is I easily have been able to incoperate them into my daily life. I oftern have a juice as an easy way to make sure I’ve had my 5-10 fruits and vegetables for the day. In addition to this, I decided to do a 5 day juice cleanse to give me another boost and within the 5 days I felt like I had more energy, clearer skin and I had lost 5.5 pounds! I always felt refreshed and full, it was amazing to see how much change there was in such a small space of time.  Overall, I would highly recommend Davinia to anybody who is looking for a change in lifestyle or anybody who is interested about the benefits of juicing. She’s an incredible lady who has inspired me with her knowledge and positive attitude. She has never been judgemental but instead motivating and devoted. I know that with her I can not only shift the weight but build on my strength and fitness to be a healthier and happier person. Can’t thank her enough.   

Priti - Rickmansworth
January 2019

"Davinia was key in helping me lose my baby weight through a combination of exercise and food planning. She taught me lots about the right foods to eat and ensured I stayed on track with regular check-ins via txt. The PT sessions were enjoyable and made me feel positive about exercise and sensible eating. They were also specific to my goals. I highly recommend her. Thank you Davinia!" March 2019 

"Thank you so much Davinia. You are such a positive motivator. I have really enjoyed the sessions we have had over the last few months. You have devised a manageable exercise programme for me and taught me how to eat more healthily.  The veg mix juices are fantastic. What a breakthrough to a reluctant fruit and veg eater. I now drink 4 veg and 3 fruits a day. You have set me on a healthier lifestyle choice. The support you have given along the way has been great. I l love it when the thought for the day pops into my inbox.  I have gone from a lazy snack eating 49 year old to a healthier motivated 50 year old. The sessions are fun with a mix of exercise inside and out – like floor work, weights, boxing, stretches, power walking and jogging. You can’t help to be motivated with Davinia’s positive thinking and life choices. In 4 months, I have I have lost 9 pounds and 2 inches off most places! More importantly she has set me on the road to a continued weight loss, so I have high hopes of loosing another 9 pounds by the summer! Davinia is so passionate that if you have the motivation to make a change to your lifestyle and health – you will not fail with Davinia."    

Alison - Bushey 

"I have just finished a block of 10 training sessions with Davinia. I wanted to particularly focus on strength training and improving my muscle mass. Within the 10 week block of sessions I feel significantly stronger, more toned with improved posture. Davinia’s knowledge and love of nutrition shines through and I’m now juicing daily too improve my health and wellbeing too- and It is working. Davinia is an excellent communicator with a genuine client- focused attitude. She is a lovely lady and in all the best ways, is no push over! She’s your coach. She knows exactly what you need to do to feel and look better. I would highly recommend Davinia."    

Maggie - Ruislip

I found Davinia online after I weighed myself 4 weeks after the birth of my second child and realised I weighed the same as I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my first. I knew then that  I would need help to shift all this extra weight especially as I am not a fan of exercise and knew I would need motivating. I had a very prescriptive list of what I wanted my PT to be. She had to be physically fit, have a gym in her home, live locally to me and allow me to bring my baby to the training sessions. I had no idea if there was anyone out there who would fit the bill and Davinia did in spades. We spoke on the phone and I explained my situation and she was so lovely and reassuring. She suggested I sign up for 12 weeks with two sessions per week to help me lose my baby weight. Well here I am 12 weeks later and I have lost 1 stone and 4lbs and I have lost 3 inches off my tummy and hips, 2 inches off my chest and one off my arms and legs. I am over the moon! I have my pre-baby body back and it’s all down to Davinia’s healthy eating guidance, support, encouragement and praise. My husband and I have completely changed our diets and he too has lost lots of weight as a result. I can’t thank Davinia enough for what she has done for me. She is amazing and would recommend her to anyone who is willing to work hard and be committed to shift weight and getting fit.

Tania M.

Thank you with all my heart for your help and support over the last 10 weeks. I'm feeling so much better about myself, amazing what can be achieved in 10 weeks if you have a fabulous personal trainer!!! 😃 A stone lighter, a dress size down, body fat down, leaner and fitter. I’m looking forward to going on holiday now. Finally.


Thank you so much for helping me, you have really changed my mindset. I can’t believe I have lost 2 stone in the last three months. I will certainly carry on with what you have taught me in sunny Dorset. I shall miss you. You are such an inspirational lady.

Pam Wilson

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