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Sara’s weight loss journey

Beneath are two short video clips with my client Sara who has already lost 5 stone in under 7 months which is just amazing.

I am so proud of Sara as she is doing so wonderfully well with her weight loss journey, so much so, that we have decided that we want to share it with you and inspire you with Sara’s success.

Sara first came to see me back in March weighing nearly 30stone. Sara has always struggled with her weight and over the years has grown bigger due to large portion sizes, lots of carbs and stodgy food and junk food and little exercise. Sara also fell into the very vicious and well known cycle of feeling unhappy with her size and then binging on  food to make herself feel better which made her feel worse and hence she would binge some more. Does this sound like a pattern that you know? Sara would then go on a diet, but because she couldn’t see much of a difference in her weight loss would give up and go back on to the over eating or binge cycle. This is a very common pattern with many of my clients but the good thing is…. it can stop and you can change, like Sara has.

Back in march this year, Sara decided enough was enough and she was going to take control of her mind and her body and lose weight once and for all. So far Sara has lost 5 stone and over the forthcoming two years we will be working to get another 10 stone off. Woo hoo. Sara has totally changed the way that she eats. Sara now eats plenty of fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, chicken, salads etc. She eats very little carbs after lunch and plenty of water. Sara also exercises 5 x a week. she has totally changed her lifestyle.

This is the first clip from Sara on her weight loss journey. Sara has already lost 5 stone in 7 months.

The second video on Sara’s weight loss journey.

Sara has lost over 5 stone so far from healthy eating and exercise and is doing fabulously.

In this next video, Sara explains the benefits so far on her health and confidence levels, having changed her lifestyle dramatically.

Beneath our some pictures of Sara back in March on the left hand side of the pics and Sara in September after losing 5 stone.

March 2015 – A year on Sara has now lost 8 stone 5 lbs which is just incredible as this is nearly 30% off her total body weight that she has now lost. . She is doing fabulously well. Sara is eating healthily and exercising every week still. So proud of you Sara, you are a true inspiration.

The photos beneath show where she was on day one to a year on…. AMAZING. WELL DONE SARA.

Sara’s weight loss journey

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