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Nikki’s Transformation

Before                                   After



Here is my client Nikki’s amazing transformation story in her body, health and mindset which is so amazing to read and see, that we wanted to share it with you too. This Is Nikki’s story in her own words. This story is so inspiring and this will show you how you can make transformational changes in your life too.



Where I started

I have been training with Davinia since September 2020 and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

When I was younger, I had always felt ‘chubby’ and my weight did yo-yo, but I also did a lot of exercise (dance classes and rugby) so it was easy to drop half a stone here or there if I wanted. Looking back, I now realise I was never fat. I was probably a size 12 but my best friends were natural size 8s so I was always comparing myself to them.

When I started with Davinia I wasn’t in a good place mentally, physically or emotionally. I had put on weight slowly and steadily since having my daughter and son and then piled on a lot more during the first national lockdown. My little family and I had been through some very tough times and I had fallen into the habit of comforting myself with chocolate and wine most evenings. Size 18 clothes were now a good fit and it took me forever to find something I felt ok wearing. I didn’t feel good about my appearance, I constantly worried about what people were thinking of me and I shied away from social situations.  Bumping into an old friend was my idea of a nightmare.  I had kind of resigned myself to the fact that I would always be large. I looked at larger women on social media and thought to myself “they are happy being that size, so I should be happy too”. I dreaded things like family gatherings with people I hadn’t seen for a while because I knew they would notice my weight.

BUT after constantly joking and laughing off conversations that ever brought up health and weight, I decided that eventually enough was enough and I knew I had to do something as I was becoming more and more unhappy. So, I took the plunge and booked to start a weight loss package with Davinia after she was recommended to me by a friend.


Working with Davinia

I remember our first conversation on the phone. I was nervous and had a lot of self-doubt about whether I could get any weight off, but I remember when I got off the phone saying to my husband “it’s like we’ve known each other for ages”. She made me feel so comfortable and I genuinely looked forward to our first meeting even though I felt apprehensive and nervous too.

That first meeting was emotional! We talked a lot about my goals and my thoughts and beliefs about myself. I cried. But Davinia made me feel like it was ok.  I had started my journey by just being there and for that day, that was enough. She spent a long time over our first few weeks and months really getting to know me and what my motivations were. She encouraged me to challenge the negative thoughts that whirled around my head and she helped me set some achievable goals. I have to admit that during those first few weeks I did think “this isn’t going to work”, “how am I going to maintain this long term”, and I don’t mind admitting now that I thought things like juicing and daily mantras were comical and I joked about how I was meant to do them both daily. But I am so thankful that something in my mind made me just do it. I did everything Davinia said. Even things that I thought would make no difference, I just thought to myself that I had nothing to lose. She was the expert so why wouldn’t I just listen and do what she said?

Week after week I grew to look forward to our sessions even more. My weight started to come off steadily and it was such a boost to see all of my body measurements and fat percentages decrease. We did a mixture of work outs in her gym and power walks and runs around the countryside where she lives. No session was the same and each hour whizzed by quickly. Don’t get me wrong – the sessions were hard – but fun!

Davinia taught me about juicing and so I started juicing every day to fill my body with the vitamins and goodness it needed. Like lots of mothers, my children are my life. I always tried to feed them healthy food but as I wasn’t eating that healthily they weren’t seeing what it’s like to be an adult and live a healthy lifestyle.   They were intrigued by all the concoctions I was making and wanted to try juices too.  They now also have homemade juice every day and will tell anyone who will listen about how it’s important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables every day. Not all flavours are a success but they try it and that’s what’s important. I have always loved cooking and baking but would usually make cakes and unhealthy foods that would comfort in a quick fix kind of way. Since Davinia taught me more about healthy eating and juicing I have started getting a delivery of fresh veggies every week. I still love cooking but now love filling our meals with as many veggies as possible. My children no longer see things like roasted celeriac or edamame beans on the table and ask what they are. Again, they don’t always like everything but they try everything and they now see me and my husband leading a healthy lifestyle and know what it means to be healthy inside out. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is watching my children willingly eat in a way that I know will set them up for a healthy life.


Changing my beliefs

Nikki’s TransformationI used to believe there wasn’t enough time for exercise. And because I believed that – there wasn’t! But Davinia has taught me so much about goal setting, positive affirmations and determination that now there is plenty of time, because we make time. My husband and I now know how important exercise has become to each of us for our physical health and just as importantly our mental health. Now we fit it in and make it a priority, just like we would fit in doing washing or going to the supermarket. It has to happen for us both on a daily basis and it isn’t negotiable. Sometimes it might be just walking outside with our family but other days it will be allowing each other to take an hour or two out for a really long bike ride or run on our own. Davinia also taught me about accountability and how it can help you so much to stay on track. I set up an Instagram account and now post pictures of my foods and exercises whenever I feel the need. I don’t have many followers, but the account isn’t about that. It’s my place that gives me the accountability I need to stay on track.

Davinia is the perfect mix of friendly, motivating, comforting, entertaining, understanding and supporting. She is able to switch instantly into whatever role I need – whether it’s to have fun and get through a tough session or to listen and support me if I am facing something difficult. Each week we talk about my goals, my feelings, anything that has been difficult or successful.

Slowly and steadily my mental health has completely changed. I am still me, but it feels like Davinia has taken me apart and help build me back to the person I want to be.


Now…what have I learnt and where am I now?

Am I happy with what I see in the mirror? Yes! But even now saying that makes me feel like I am being big headed. I guess years of negative talk don’t disappear instantly, so I still have a way to go.

I have lost a total of 2 stone 8lbs altogether. I have discovered a love of cycling and will be completing the London to Brighton bike ride in September. BUT the most important thing to me is what’s going on in my head. I have worked hard to no longer have lots of negative self-talk and I know I have the tools to be equipped to face difficult things. Life isn’t a breeze but it feels a lot ‘breezier’ when you feel positive about yourself and you know your body is fuelled with the right things.

I now like clothes! It sounds silly but my wardrobe used to have 2/3 things in it that either fitted or I felt comfortable in. Now I like choosing colourful things and am excited to try different styles.

I have learnt that treats are treats. I know that if I want to choose to have a healthy lifestyle then treats need to be treats and not make up the majority of my normal everyday foods. It can’t be both ways and that’s that. I love a chocolate bar or cake the same as most people but I know if I have that there has to be some ‘payback’ and if I choose to eat a whole box of chocs like I did on Valentine’s Day this year, then I need to do an extra-long bike ride the next day. Simple.

I also know that just because I am in a place where I want to be, it doesn’t mean I just abandon all my good habits and go back to my old ways.

Every day I chose to be healthy and happy and that is a choice I WILL choose forever.


I love reading Nikki’s story, its so inspiring and so lovely to read.

So, my question to you now Is are you ready to make changes to create the life that you now want? I want to help you achieve your goals

If Nikki’s story resonates with you then give me a call on 07876-198671 and we can talk through how I can help you to achieve your goals. There is no time like now to start your journey to be happier, healthier, lighter and more confident.

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