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Davinia Ltd

Personal trainer and coach for the following areas:

Northwood Hills
Moor Park
Hatch End
Bushey and the surrounding areas...

M: 07876 198671


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Sometimes failure to recognise when it is time to change is the only reason for failure.

Welcome to my site

Health is an investment My name is Davinia and I would like to welcome you to my health and wellbeing site. I am a personal trainer and coach based in Northwood and I am so delighted that you are interested in improving how you feel and look.

Having wonderful health and wellbeing is more important than anything else in the world. Having a great career, fast cars, money and a wonderful house are all nice to have, but if you are unhealthy, unfit and emotionally unstable it can be difficult to enjoy all these other things. Being physically and emotionally fit and healthy is vital to living a fulfilling and happy life.

Davinia Personal Trainer and Personal Coaching

Personal training and personal coaching with me will transform your life so that you have fabulous health and fitness, the body that you deserve and exceptional confidence and high self esteem. I will help you become both physically and emotionally fit and healthy. Physically I will help you to lose weight, tone up, get fit and have fun. I will help you to do this with personal training in my gym in Ruislip or within your own home. Emotionally I will help you to be in control of your emotions, so that you are happier, more confident, and feeling more fulfilled, we will achieve this with personal coaching and NLP therapy. With personal coaching and training you will stop using crutches such as food, drink or cigarettes to make you feel better and will learn how to make yourself feel great from within, achieving a sense of wellbeing and balance.


Davinia Personal Trainer and Personal Coaching - Shape Up

Shape up your body now. Make the changes you need nutritionally and physically with exercise to get the body shape you want NOW!

Start investing in your health and wellbeing NOW.

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On this site you can find out more information on:

Personal training –to get the body that you deserve, lose weight, tone up, get fit, have fun and have outstanding health. Click here to learn more...

Weight management coaching – address overeating and any destructive eating habits. Be in control of your eating so that you can lose weight easily. Click here to learn more...

Take the BMI test – Find out what your Body mass index is and what it should be for you. Click here to learn more...

Transformation packages – these breakthrough sessions will transform you from within and help you resolve specific issues that you may have – packages include, confidence, stress management, health (losing weight, getting fit and stop smoking) and how to be happy! Click here to learn more...

Personal coaching for outstanding health and wellbeing – discover what is holding you back from living a fulfilling life and change this NOW. Create a compelling action plan that will increase your self esteem, make you have outstanding health, fantastic energy levels, happiness, confidence and the life that you deserve. Click here to learn more...