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Losing 5 stone in 7 months

Above is short video clip from my client Shelley, who has done amazingly well with her weight loss this year. I am so proud of her and just wanted to share with you how well she has done to inspire you too.

Shelley came to me in the middle of Jan 2014 wanting to lose weight and to become fitter and healthier.  Seven months on she has lost a huge 5 stone and a massive 15 inches from her waist, 8 inches off her hips, 3.5 inches off her arms, 5 inches off her legs, 9 inches off her chest. She is fitter, more energised, happier, healthier and looking amazing. Woo hoo well done Shelley.

Shelley has done so well as she has been religiously sticking to a healthy lean diet with no carbs after 4pm and no junk food. She has been drinking more water and of course exercising more. Shelley has personal training sessions once a week and then in-between she sticks to her exercise programme that is tailored for her. This incorporates lots of power walking, some jogging and resistance training to help firm her up.

I am so thrilled with how far Shelley has come and I know she is proud of herself too as this is a great achievement. Shelley is now aiming to lose another 3 to 4 stone which i know she can do and will do. Shelley is a huge inspiration as she is so determined and focused.

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