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Is it time to move more?

One of the most important things our bodies are designed to do is to move. So ask yourself now, are you moving enough to improve your health, fitness, energy levels, body shape and well-being?

Unfortunately, as we get older, many of us become so sedentary that we effectively box ourselves in. We live in a box, drive around in a box, work in front of a box and watch a box!!! And we don’t step outside this box because we find it unpleasant.

Some people don’t move because they don’t enjoy moving, they think it’s painful, time consuming and boring… oh but how wrong you are as once you give it a go and keep it up for 21 days it will become a habit and you will love it as you will see and feel the benefits from it. Yay…🏋🏻‍♂️🥊🏃‍♀️💪💃🏻Exercise makes you feel great because it increases your ‘feel good’ chemicals and makes you look and feel fabulous.

Take every opportunity to move more and feel how much better you will feel. Try out some of the following ways to increase your active living.

• Take the stairs, rather than the lift or escalators
• Get a standing desk
• Do calf raises whilst brushing teeth.
• Park further away from any destination that you need to go to.
• Stand up or walk for all phone calls.
• Have walking meetings.
• Exercise before, during a lunch break, or after work.
• Dance with your kids
• Meet with friends for a walk instead of a lunch
• Do more physical activities with your loved ones.
• Do a weights workout whilst watching night-time tv
• Switch out the tv for some form of sporting activity or exercise.
Finally find a form of exercise that you love – this makes it so much easier to stay motivated to exercise.

Need some help to get motivated and inspired to move more and take the steps for a healthier, happier lifestyle. – reach out to me.

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