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Weight management coaching

Why have weight management coaching?

When you’re not in control of your eating and addicted to certain foods, this can cause you serious pain, both emotionally and physically.

Being overweight is no good for your health. Obesity is associated with many diseases including cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Excess body weight will also affect your energy levels so that you feel lethargic and too tired to properly live life to the full.

Being overweight also emotionally affects you. It dramatically lowers your self-esteem. Have you ever had to squeeze yourself into clothes that are too tight for you and have had bulges and lumps hanging over your clothes which has made you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed? Has being overweight ever stopped you wanting to go out in public, as you feel ashamed of how you look and you worry that people will judge you because of your extra body fat? Being overweight has a dramatic impact on your relationship with yourself and others. When you’re overweight and over eating, you feel out of control and start to loathe yourself. You beat yourself up and put yourself down, lowering your positive energy. When you’re unhappy and despise yourself, it’s very difficult to have great relationships with your partner and friends. You automatically assume that they think the worst of you too, because you have very little own self-love.

Overeating and being addicted to certain foods is mainly caused by your own emotional wellbeing. Often you overeat and binge on foods when you are in the wrong frame of mind. You use food to change the way that you feel at a given moment, so that you can have instant pleasure. Although you might want to lose weight and you know that chocolate is no good for your waistline, the instant gratification of the chocolate is far more appealing than not eating it in order to get the body that you want.

You use food to make yourself feel better, especially when you are lonely, unhappy, bored, depressed, angry, anxious, stressed and so on. By simply being aware what triggers this behaviour is one step forward in addressing your overeating.

When you are overweight and addicted to food you are out of control and your eating behaviour has over taken you. You are not your behaviours and you can change these NOW.

Being overweight can affect your health, happiness, confidence, self-esteem, relationship with self, personal relationships, socialising and your every day wellbeing. Learn to love yourself and create pleasure in your life without relying on food with weight management coaching.

How weight management coaching works?

Weight management coaching will help you to address overeating and destructive food habits. This two hour coaching session will get to the roots of what triggers your overeating and destructive habits. You will become consciously aware of what your behaviour patterns are regarding eating and how your relationship with food is affecting your life. With coaching and by using NLP techniques you will address these food triggers and will come up with the right mindset and strategy to lose weight.

This coaching session will raise your standards in how you treat yourself and how you choose to eat food going forwards. You will feel in control and you will have the right mindset about food. You will set achievable goals to lose weight. By re-patterning your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your health and food, you will take control of your eating habits and will lose weight.

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