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Why a Food diary and a fitbit can help you.

Food and movement journaling is something that I truly recommend that all my clients do to lose weight and to improve their health too. 🍎🥗🥟🍳💃🏻🏃‍♀️
I find tracking your food and movement is by far the most useful way to see what is going on in your day. It’s like a built-in mindfulness tool to check in with yourself on how you feel before, during and after you eat and to see exactly how much you are moving during the day too.📖
Yes, a lot of people think that a food and exercise journal might seem like a drag. But, logging what you are doing and eating can really help you to lose weight and actually it takes a lot less time than you think too.💡
So why do I love tracking?
Well by logging your food it helps you to consider why and when you are eating and how hungry or satisfied you feel. I find that this record keeping can help you have a more positive relationship with food in general. 🥗🥘🍱
It also draws your attention to mindful eating and gives you the information you need to move forwards from a place of honesty, which is always fab in my mind. Also tracking your steps that you do in a day (maybe via a Fitbit or pedometer etc.) is super interesting and quite frankly spurs you on as automatically it makes you want to move more so that you can start improving you daily movement and step count.🏃‍♀️
My clients find by food and exercise tracking they learn so much more about their habits which could be super supportive. They learn about the foods they enjoy and don’t enjoy plus the places and situations that they find themselves maybe overeating or emotionally eating. it literally makes you consciously aware of what you are putting into your body and how much you are moving.🙏
If you are wanting to become healthier and lose weight then give the above a go…👊

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