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ClientWhere do I even begin, working with Davinia has been amazing and has been the greatest start to 2022! During the pandemic I managed to get into intermittent fasting and go for walks during the day. But I started a new job which turns out was very emotionally and mentally draining. I lost sight of everything- i no longer found time for myself, i lost focus on what i worked towards during the pandemic and I had no accountability so didn’t stick to anything

When i reached out to Davinia within the first minute I knew she was the right person who was going to help me change for the better. We spoke about where I was at in my journey, what I’ve tried, what i wanted to work towards. She knew what questions to ask and very quickly figured out what techniques would work best to support me. We worked on work- life balance and the simple but effective changes i could make to my routine. Every morning without fail there was a positive affirmation and a message asking what my wins were for the previous day. Davinia celebrates your wins as if they’re her own… she’s the best kind of cheer leader ❤️❤️

Since working with Davinia I’ve managed to work on my self-discipline, break down goals into manageable chunks, in a space of a month i feel lighter, healthier, happier. I can’t thank you enough and I’m so excited for our next session ❤️❤️❤️

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