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Minerals and why juicing is so important for these.

As you will know by now, I am a huge fan of juicing and I JUICE EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you the absolute importance of adding fresh fruits and veggies into your body on a daily basis to help your body, health, wellbeing and mindset.

By juicing daily this will gives your body a massive influx of vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and antioxidants which goes to your cells fast and will therefore help your body to have energy, heal and repair!

Juicing is such a gorgeous way of getting fabulous, cell building, goodness into our body in a quick fashion, that is also super tasty too. Yay

We all know that we need need vitamins, minerals etc but do  you know why?

Today I wanted to share with you why minerals are SO important.

Here are some of the main functions that the different minerals have in your body. Be bowled over by how important these minerals are..

  1. Zinc – immunity
  2. Selenium-protect against oxidative stress
  3. iodine- thyroid
  4. Chloride – digestion and stomach acid
  5. Phosphorus – bone mineral density
  6. Sodium- electrolyte balance and hydration
  7. Calcium- bone mineral density
  8. Boron – brain health and inflammation
  9. Sulfur – detoxification and antioxidants
  10. Manganese – antioxidant defence
  11. Potassium – blood pressure regulation
  12. Chromium – blood sugar and insulin regulation
  13. Iron – tissue oxygenation
  14. Magnesium – energy, stress inflammation and so much more
  15. Copper – lipid, glucose and iron metabolism

Above only refers to the primary functions of these minerals and in fact all these minerals have additional effects and roles in the body. But actually I think the most important thing to remember is that they help to keep our bodies strong, fit, happy, healthy and alive.

I really recommend learning to optimise your mineral and vitamin intake properly for optimal health, energy and of course longevity. By daily juicing into your regime this will massively help you to increase and improve even your mineral intake. Fruit and vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins. If you don’t already, is it time you add juicing to your daily regime?



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