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How to stay consistent

Morning gorgeous how are you?

Here are 5 Tips on How to stay Consistent! 🤩🚀❤️

Whatever your goals are, CONSISTENCY is one of the main ingredients to achieving any goal/success in life.

1 – DEVELOP A RESILIENT MINDSET. We have to remember that if we are led by emotions such as motivation, excitement and feeling inspired then our level of consistency will massively fluctuate as those emotions will come and go. Therefore it’s so important we develop discipline by having the correct tools, strategies and methods in place to develop a more resilient mindset and have outcome thinking.

This will help you to have the correct frame of mind that allows us to continue to take action even on the days we really don’t want to. Intentionally working on your mindset and personal development is so important. So firstly get working on those affirmations/mantras and goals daily.

2 – CHUNK IT DOWN. For many people, they set goals based on feeling excited and motivated and therefore can often set unrealistic goals and expect to achieve an awful lot in a small amount of time. When they don’t do that, this can be deflating. It can often lead to people taking enormous amounts of action at the start and then feeling completely exhausted and as a result taking little or no action after just a short space of time. It also often leads to overwhelm which in turn leads to procrastination.Believe me I have been there myself with this! And my advice is to chunk it down into simple, incremental and manageable steps that can be sustained daily rather than trying to tackle too much at once. Have only a handful of goals that you prioritise each month, create a simple action plan and make sure your daily activities add up to achieving it. You can do it.

3 – BE AROUND THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  Remember you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So it’s important to be around the people that support you with the goals you want to achieve, or that are perhaps trying to achieve the same goals or even better have already done it themselves and can show you the way. If you are around people that are positive, driven, motivated and encouraging then you’re far more likely to continue to take action on those days that you don’t want to because those people will inspire you to keep going!

4 – DON’T ALLOW A BAD DAY TO BECOME A BAD WEEK. From time to time things won’t go to plan. Even with all the best intentions in the world to be consistent, some days it might just not happen. And that’s ok. You’re human after all! But so often people can then adopt the self sabotage mentality and ‘throw in the towel’. All just because they had one bad day or morning. My advice is to accept and allow that bad day to finish and then immediately get straight back to work and continue to make progress regardless. You will soon pick the momentum back up and feel great again! Yay.

5 – CHECK IT’S THE CORRECT GOAL. If you are seriously struggling to be consistent on a regular basis then this could perhaps be an indicator that you just don’t simply want the goal bad enough. If your reason ‘why’ is extremely important to you then you’re far more likely to achieve it. If your ‘why’ just isn’t big enough, then maybe it’s time to find the correct goal that really does matter to you! The goal that you seriously want, that excites and motivates you on a deep level.

I hope you have found those 5 tips useful?

❤️ What do you need to start actioning now?

You can do this🚀



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