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Personal Training Packages: For women only!

Please note my gym is based in Northwood and these package prices are based on your coming to my fully equipped gym. If you would like personal training to take place at your house or local area, this is also possible. Please call or email for a quote, as well as to ensure that I cover your area.

Pay as you go with personal training

£70 per session

£65 per session when booking 10 sessions- £650

£60 per session when booking 20 sessions – £1200

Training in Two’s

Get off the couch ! You and your friend can enjoy getting fit, losing weight and toning up together with motivational routines and expert advice for improving your health and well being.

Cost per couple £100 per session

£95 per couple per session when booking 10 sessions – £950

£90 per couple per session when booking 20 sessions – £1800


Group Sessions

Groups of 3 or more who want personal training with me will be charged at only £40 per person per session when booking a block of 10 sessions.

Nutritional Consultation and Assessments

The Nutritional consultation is for anyone who wants to lose weight easily and increase their energy levels.

Prior to the consultation and assessment you will be asked to keep a 7 day food diary, so that we can gauge an understanding of your diet and how we can change it to help support you to feel more energised and/or lose weight. These nutritional assessments and guidance will help you to become more aware of your food habits and more consciously in control of what you are eating. By being aware of your eating habits you will learn to control your eating behaviours and thus help yourself to lose weight. This Assessment is for anyone who needs help and advice on their nutrition. Come away knowing what food is right for you with your own meal plan.


Fitness assessments

Having fitness assessments are great if you want to know what shape your body is in… Short fitness tests will be performed to determine your fitness levels so that we can see how fit you are and what sort of programme will be best for you, in order to improve your fitness, so you are constantly moving forwards and feeling better about yourself. Body fat measurements will also be taken to establish where you are now and where you need to be. These assessments will ensure you know what your fitness is like and what you need to do now to improve upon it.


Weight management package (2 hours)

Weight management coaching and NLP therapy will help you to stop over eating and stop any destructive habits. You will be asked to keep a 7 day food diary beforehand so that we can see any challenging food patterns you might have. This package is for anyone who wants to address their food triggers and come up with the right mindset and strategy for losing weight. By having the right mindset, you will feel more in control around food and will not worry about food being the ‘enemy’. This will help you to feel at ease with food. This is perfect for anyone who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off.


Fab and fun 5 day boot camp

This is my most popular package to date. If you are someone that fancies going on a bootcamp but have not had the money or the time to do it but desperately want the fab results, then this is for you… Feel great about yourself dramatically and kick start your weight loss and tone up instantly within a week.

My bootcamp week will ensure that you lose weight and will feel dramatically firmer. Ladies have had weight loss ranging from 3- 10 lbs so far from doing this 5 day bootcamp! The bootcamp package is carried out over 5 consecutive days. You will be measured on the first day and then on your last day where your results will be noticeable and your clothes will feel looser.

  • 2 training sessions per day at my fully equipped gym
  • Bespoke tailored workout programme to get the body you want
  • Nutritional advice and a weekly food plan drawn up for you, to help you lose weight easily and increase your energy
  • Fitness & body composition assessments will be carried out before and after the bootcamp
  • A personally signed copy of my life changing book, Imagine & You Can to help you to achieve your goals fast.


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