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Feed yourself in every way well

Our life is a direct result of what we feed ourselves..

If you feed your body and mind with junk you will feel terrible.

Feed you body mainly with healthy, live, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, homemade juices and lean proteins and wholesome grains to feel and look fabulous.

Keep away from the processed stuff.. it depletes your body of all the enzymes you need to stay healthy and energised.

Feed your mind with positivity. Go on a negativity fast And for 7 days only give yourself positivity only. Watch only positive/uplifting programmes, hang out online with your happy/cheery friends that make you feel good about yourself, read positively inspiring books, go on walks that make you feel great, wear colours that make you feel happy and alive, think, breathe and exude positivity.

Feed your body and mind with goodness on a daily basis and then you will start to turn your health, life and wellbeing around consistently even in the lock down.❤️

Have a super Thursday 😍

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