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Transformation packages

All of these packages use coaching and NLP therapy to help you to overcome any hurdles in your life. NLP therapy is a self-help method. It is used to help you if you are depressed, stressed or disillusioned by eliminating your poisonous memories, fears and self-doubt. This is done by exploring how we think, communicate and behave. I will help to change any of your negative feelings into positive ones, by retraining the mind.

Happy hour (1 hour mini package)

This session combines coaching and NLP therapy so that you feel fabulous. Anyone who wants to experience happiness every day will benefit massively from this super session. Come away with the right mindset to help you create happiness from within. This is a great ‘pick me-up’ session to help you to start feeling positive again.


Weight management package (2 hours)

Weight management coaching and NLP therapy will help you to stop over- eating and stop any destructive habits. You will be asked to keep a 7 day food diary beforehand so we can see any challenging food patterns you might have. This package is for anyone who wants to address their food triggers and come up with the right mindset and strategy to lose weight. By having the right mindset you will feel more in control around food and will not worry about food being the ‘enemy’. This will help you to feel at ease with food. This is perfect for anyone whom is serious about losing weight and keeping it off.


Confidence package (2 hours)

Coaching and NLP therapy are used to help you become confident in getting the life that you deserve and want. Walk out of your house every morning feeling proud and confident. This package will help you with your positive self-talk and also help you to feel great about yourself. Start radiating confident energy so people automatically start gravitating towards you. Feel magnificent and make it happen now!


Stress Management Package (2 hours)

Coaching and NLP therapy allowing you to re-balance your life. Master your stress and learn to relax with easy techniques that will help you feel wonderful again. This package will help you to feel calmer. It will help you to feel more relaxed so that you can unwind more easily and help you to curb those sleepless nights. Feel relaxed now!


Health package (2 hours)

Coaching and NLP therapy helping you to achieve a healthy body and mind. Come away from this package with an outstanding plan to achieve your health goals with the conviction that you will achieve the health and fitness that you deserve. Know what you need to do to be in optimum health and feel fabulous. This is for anyone who really does care about their health. If you want to feel more vital, more energised, more youthful and healthy this package is the one for you. Feel fabulous now.


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