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Fab and fun 5 day boot camp

This is my most popular package to date. If you’re someone that fancies going on a bootcamp, haven’t had the money or the time to do it but desperately want the fab results, then this is for you! This bootcamp will help you to change your mindset quickly towards food and exercise.

The bootcamp will dramatically help you to feel great about yourself and kickstart your weight loss. It will help you to tone and tighten up. This is a fantastic option if you want to feel fab in your bikini for your holiday, look better in you LBD for a party or generally just kickstart your health and wellbeing and fitness again.

My bootcamp week will ensure that you lose weight and will feel firmer. Ladies have had weight loss ranging from 3- 10 lbs so far from doing this 5 day bootcamp!

The bootcamp package is carried out over 5 consecutive days. You will be measured on the first day and then on your last day where your results will be noticeable and your clothes will feel looser. The bootcamp can be done online, at my gym or both.

In these sessions you will not only be working out but we will address your mindset too. The right mindset for healthy eating, exercise and being happy is paramount and we will be addressing this at all times to ensure that you stay on track and stay focused. Coaching whilst exercising is a game changer as you are literally transforming your mindset and physical body at the same time. Whilst exercising your endorphins are released, making a mindset shift easier. These are not normal PT sessions. These sessions work on transforming your body AND mindset. They’ll change your life as you’ll feel and look great!

  • 2 hour training sessions per day at my fully equipped gym
  • Bespoke workout program, tailored to get the body you want
  • Nutritional advice and a weekly food plan to help you lose weight easily and increase your energy
  • Fitness & body composition assessments carried out before and after the bootcamp
  • A personally signed copy of my life changing book, Imagine & You Can to help you to achieve your goals fast


Cost: £850
Train in twos – Even better value only £497 each for the bootcamp.

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