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Positive living club

Positive living club
Why join?

The Positive Living Club is a great place for women to get together with other like minded people…. if you are looking for inspiration in life too – then this is the place to come. The format of the session is informal with inspirational insights and thought provoking discussions in groups, as well as some coaching and neuro-linguistic programming delivered by Personal Trainer and life Coach Davinia Gill.

If you are someone who wants to:

  • Learn to love yourself and increase your self-esteem
  • Feel happy on your own and with others
  • Be inspired to live the life that you want
  • Be confident in all situations
  • Have outstanding health and energy
  • Live a life that is full of love, fun and happiness

Then join our Positive Living Club. These sessions will help you improve your life and feel better about yourself on a daily basis.

The Positive Living Club is a safe environment for like-minded women to come together to support each other. Using coaching, NLP techniques and some small amounts of physical activity this group will help you to feel positive, healthy and happy every day.

Our club’s aim is to teach women how to self-coach and inspire themselves towards greater self confidence, motivation, passion, happiness and fulfilment. Each session includes information and strategies on how to have more energy, better health, greater self-esteem and a life that really matters.

Our Positive Living Club sessions help young women get to where they want to be. By focusing on their goals and coming up with positive ideas and strategies, members will positively transform themselves for the better. This is something that I have wanted to set up for a long time and so now that we have finally achieved this so successfully – I am absolutely thrilled to bits. Sessions are only £5 to attend and all the money goes to Breast Cancer Care Charity.

I have always loved the idea of setting up a club that helps inspire positive living and ALSO helps make money for breast cancer care -such a wonderful charity. We all know someone that has had breast cancer and having had a dear friend of mine die from it last year – it is my hope that we might be able to help other people with this disease. Breast cancer is often curable and we would like to contribute to this charity to help as many people as we can.

Positive living club -  Breast Cancer Care

News and info on next session

The next positive living club session is on ‘how to be more confident in crowds’. This is a must for anyone whom struggles with self-esteem and confidence and wants to improve their social and public speaking skills.

Do you want to feel at ease in crowds?

Do you want to be able to speak up in groups and feel relaxed and happy?

Do you want to be able to speak publicly?

Then come along to this session held on Saturday 5 th May…. and know that afterwards you will feel and be confident in crowds….

PS. The positive living club has been running in may 2012 for one year… congratulations girls. and in that year not only have we had an awesome time but we have raised £7,054.50 for breast cancer care…yay


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Testimonials from positive living club members

“The Positive Living Club has made a huge difference to my life. It has taught me that although you can’t change the external things that happen in your life, you can change your reaction and perceptions to it.  You can also attract more positivity and happiness in your life by implementing Davinia’s suggestions.  Since joining the PLC, I have grown massively in confidence and have recently been promoted and met the man of my dreams.  🙂 The PLC comprises of a lovely group of friendly girls who will make you feel really welcome and who I am glad to call my friends….” Andrea P

“Spending just one hour of my time at the Positive Living Club was inspiring and up-lifting, the content was really well thought out and professionally presented, I think everyone left the group feeling positive and energized. Davinia’s unique approach brought so much personality to the group, it was a really good fun and the activities were enjoyable. There was lots of laughter but also a great sense that we were a group of women, ‘in it together’, supporting each other. I left with some new ideas, I felt inspired and ready to make changes in my own life, the handouts we were given to take away have been really useful to refer back to. I think the fact that the group has been set up to raise money for cancer research is fabulous and shows a great deal of compassion.
– (Catherine – Pinner)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first session at the PLC. It was fun, positive, and I left feeling much better about things, and was already looking forward to my next class. Davinia is a really lovely, caring person, and it’s hard not to let her positivity rub off on you!!” – (Karon – Rickmansworth)

“After attending the first 2 Positive Living Club for Women meetings, I wholeheartedly recommend it for other women to experience the results of being positive. Being positive sounds so easy but takes some practise and this is just the place to attend to learn! In addition, good company, enthusiasm and the opportunity to meet interesting people.” – (Alison – Rickmansworth)

“The positive living club has been very inspirational and a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends. By hearing others stories and their negative thoughts it makes you realise that you are normal and not alone in your thinking. Learning new techniques to change negative thoughts to positive has really benefited myself and friends who attend the PLC!

Everyone should give the PLC a try, its a great get together and opportunity to laugh!” – (Michele Monger, Eastcote)

“Thank you so much Davinia for today, I cannot tell you how enlightening I found this session you ran. Something inside me clicked and I know I will never be the same again.

So….. today was so amazing as I never thought a person could reframe all those awful scenarios …. PLC has given me a totally new outlook on the rubbish that life can throw at you.” – (Claire, Rickmansworth)

“The PLC has really helped me to start thinking more positively about things again. It is too easy to get caught up in the negativity side of life and this club helps you to break this and make you feel great. I love it. I recommend this club to anyone who wants to brighten their world and others.” – (Sandra Ruislip)

“I loved Saturday. I am keeping my 10 day positive thoughts only diary; hey I think it’s working already! Looking forward to the 4 th June!” – (Alison)

“I loved Saturday – thank you. I am getting there with the positive thinking too.” – (Nina)

“Congratulations on your wonderful success this morning. You and Larissa had put such a lot of thought and energy into this morning and I truly believe it is the start of something very rewarding, special and much needed. Thank you so much for letting me part of it and look forward to seeing it grow and develop over the months.” – ( Julie)

Local accountancy and business development firm Meades & Company is the sole sponsor of the Positive Living Club and marketing co-ordinator Lisa Pearse explains why the practice is enthused by the initiative.

“Because at Meades & Company we encourage an optimistic and supportive work environment, we were more than happy to back the PLC as it reciprocates our values, particularly as it is also supporting such a fantastic cause.”

“Since the day I met Davinia, I have admired her for her positivity and her kindness, and after attending the Positive Living Club sessions it was clear that Davinia wants to help many people around her. The PLC’s aim is to help women in all areas of life such as health, self confidence and more. The tools and information that is provided in these monthly sessions is extremely beneficial and has definitely allowed me to reflect on myself and my life. Through these sessions I have made friends and I am glad that I have come across such a group which is out there for the betterment of women!”

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