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Weight loss package

This package has been designed so that you feel great about yourself and there is a noticeable difference in the way that you body looks. Clothes will look that much better on you and those jeans of yours won’t be so tight. Muffin tops will be a thing of the past and worrying about whats fits every morning will not be an issue.

• 12 week package to lose weight and get in fabulous shape.
• 24 hours of personal training.
• 2 hours of weight management nutritional coaching to address overeating and destructive food habits. A fantastic session to turn your mindset into a healthy mindset for healthy eating.

• Bespoke tailored workout programme to get the body that you want and deserve.
• Weekly fitness programmes.
• Nutritional advice and meal plan, to help you to lose weight and increase your energy.
• Fitness & body composition assessments will be carried out regularly throughout your programme, to ensure your workouts are working and so that you can see your wonderful improvements.
• 7 Day Food Diary – you will be asked to keep a 7 day food diary so you are consciously aware of what you are eating and drinking –to support your weight loss programme. This will be carried on throughout the whole 12 week package.
• A personally signed copy of my life changing book, Imagine & You Can to help you to achieve your goals fast.
• Daily emails and text messages from me to support you and keep you on track with your goals. This daily support will absolutely keep you motivated and inspired to create the body that you want and deserved .

This programme will help you to feel great about yourself. You will see noticeable differences in how much slimmer and toned your body looks and feels. Your clothes will feel looser and you won’t have to worry every morning about what is going to fit! You can wake up every morning feeling and looking fabulous. Your friends and family will see the difference in you and will be amazed. And more importantly you will feel and look GREAT.



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