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Bridal body

Go from feeling out of shape, anxious and frazzled to trim, toned and dazzled.  The bridal body package will ensure that you look fantastic in your dress. You will be more toned, your skin will glow, you will feel and be confident and those wedding pictures will look amazing.

Let’s face it, getting married is super exciting and so amazing, but it can also be a bit daunting for some as its your ‘big day and all eyes are on you.’  So this package I have created is from feedback from my other bride clients so that it helps you to shape up and get the body that you want and the confidence that you want so you feel and look amazing on your special big day.

So tell me how are you feeling about your big day? I am sure you are super excited, marrying the love of your life, nothing could be better. But are you slightly apprehensive about walking down the aisle or  just having all eyes on you? And how do you feel about your body shape at the moment? Do you want to lose a few inches and tone up for your big day? And Do you need some extra body confidence and  increase your self esteem? Well be excited as its time to turn this all around so that you feel and look your best on your wedding day. Be your best in your dress and have a confident and relaxed mindset on the day.

Go from feeling out of shape, anxious and frazzled to trim toned and dazzled.

Well be excited as we are now going to turn this around. Time to stop feeling out of shape, unattractive, anxious, scared about what others think, demotivated, uninspired and negative.

And Let’s replace these with an empowering mindset that is strong and positive, healthy habits to support you and a super fun and fab exercise and food regime that you will love. Let’s work together so that you feel and look your best in your beautiful dress on your big day.

In this cleverly designed Bridal Body package I use a blend of Life coaching, NLP coaching and Personal training to ensure that you see and feel the amazing transformation for when you slip on your wedding dress and see the love and amazaement in your partners eyes.  In this package we will also be working on your mindset so that you feel confident, relaxed and fabulous on your big day. This combination will ensure that you get the results that you want.

Our fortnightly Life coaching sessions combined with my NLP coaching tools will ensure that you get the right mindset daily to keep you on track, for your wedding day. Being stuck in a rut with your bodyshape will be a thing of the past, you will have determination, strength, resilience, confidence and motivation from our coaching sessions to ensure that you create the habits and changes that you need to be the best version of you for your wedding day and the rest of your life. The coaching will also address nutrition coaching so that you can address any overeating and or negative/destructive food habits, turning your mindset into a healthy mindset for healthy eating.

Our 2 weekly personal training sessions will ensure that you lose weight, tone up, get fitter and feel and look fab. In these sessions you will not only be working out but we will once again be addressing your mindset too with coaching alongside working out. The right Mindset for healthy eating and exercise is paramount and we will be addressing this at all times to ensure that you stay on track and stay focused for your wedding day. Coaching whilst exercising is a game changer as you are literally transforming your mindset and physical body at the same time. And whilst exercising your endorphins (feeling good chemicals are high) and so making a mindset shift too will also be easier. This package is transforming.

12 week package to have that beautiful bridal body.

  • So what does this package include.
    • Bench marking – we will benchmark where you are at before we start and then work out where you want to be.
    • 1 hour -Weight management nutritional coaching to address any unwanted food habits or portion control to aid weight loss. A fantastic session to turn your mindset into a healthy mindset for healthy eating.
    • Coaching session fortnightly online (30mins) for mindset, clarity, goal setting and reviewing of progress  whilst also working on confidence and self esteem
    • 22 hours of personal training at my gym or online
    • Bespoke tailored workout program to get the body that you want and deserve.
    • Weekly fitness programes.
    • Nutritional advice and meal plan, to help you to lose weight and increase your energy.
    • Fitness & body composition assessments will be carried out regularly throughout your program, to ensure your workouts are working and so that you can see your wonderful improvements.
    • 7 Day Food Diary – you will be asked to keep a 7 day food diary so you are consciously aware of what you are eating and drinking –to support your weight loss programme. This will be carried on throughout the whole 12 week package.
    • A personally signed copy of my life changing book, Imagine & You Can to help you to achieve your goals fast.
    • Daily emails and text messages from me to support you and keep you on track with your goals. This daily support will absolutely keep you motivated and inspired to create the body that you want and deserved. This is huge support and this accountability is worth over a £1000 in itself!
    • 2 hour personal coaching pre-wedding session’ to help you get ready for your big day. So many of us have those pre-wedding nerves and this extra personal coaching pre-wedding session will help to settle your nerves so that on the day you will stand proud and feel and look confident and fabulous. This has been a very powerful session with all my other bride coaching clients.


This program will help you to feel great about yourself. You will see noticeable differences in how much slimmer and toned your body looks and feels in your wedding dress.. On your wedding day you will wake up feeling and looking fabulous. This will be the best day of your life.

The cost of this 12 week life changing package is £2557 and can be paid over 3 installments.


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Contact me to apply for this package-so we can determine whether I’m the best Personal Trainer and Coach to help you take your Body, mindset and self confidence to the next level and whether you fit my criteria too.

My criteria

It might sound strange that I set out criteria for who I want to work with. But you see I want you to really want to grow and Be Your Best. So many people say they want to change, but deep down they are happy to stay where they have always been. Honesty and the desire to Be Your Best is crucial if you want to work with me. Here are my criteria.

  1. I believe by me working with you it will benefit you so that you can be your best in mindset, body health.
  2. I believe by me working with you it will genuinely challenge you whilst helping you to grow and flourish and be your best.
  3. I believe by me working with you we will have fun along the way and you will love the process.
  4. I believe you are willing to be 100 % committed.


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